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Upper Cervical Neuro-Structural Shift is a term applied to that condition where the top two bony segments of the spine become slightly displaced from their normal positions. As a result, nerve tracks from the brain stem (Medulla Oblongata) are impinged to various parts of the body and normal transmission of nerve energy is obstructed. Although not always painful, the “subluxation” interferes with proper function and healing of your body. The brain stem is what we call “Houston Control”. It is a complex extension of the spinal cord, and is extremely unique. Nowhere else in the entire body is there found such a complex integration of the nerve system. The brain stem is responsible for everything that occurs in the body. Mild to moderate irritation of this area results in sickness and disease, while the slightest trauma results in instant death. Nowhere in the entire nerve system can such total and complete devastation be caused.

The art renderings below show the two segments of the spinal column at the base of the skull, with an Upper Cervical Neuro-Structural Shift at C1, or Atlas, out of place and torqued, producing pressure on the spinal cord, or brain stem resulting in malfunction of the entire body as represented by the conditions here listed, and many others.

Fortunately, through Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractic, these bones of the spine, when out of position causing spinal cord pressure, can be adjusted or replaced to normal. This takes the pressure off the nerve tracks (or brain stem). Nothing is removed from the body nor is anything added to it. The spine is simply in line and the body functions, as it should in health.

upper cervical neuro-structural shift 01

upper cervical neuro-structural shift 02

upper cervical neuro-structural shift 04

upper cervical neuro-structural shift 03


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I cannot speak enough about what Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Georgia has done for our family!! All 6 of us are under their care at the present time. Our 8 year old son is a totally different child these days thanks to their care!

- Amy

The money I’ve saved in out-of-pocket medication expenses alone has more than offset the financial investment I’ve made in upper cervical care. I couldn’t ask for a better return on my investment.

- Evan

They really care about you and your needs. But more importantly is how they have changed my life. Not to mention we are almost never sick and when we are, it’s mild and lasts MAYBE 2 days. I cannot recommend UCC enough. So many benefits after my two years of care.

- Ashley

I LOVE these Doctors! I am so grateful I have been Blessed to be a patient of these amazing medical professionals! I will ALWAYS recommend their services to anyone who is enduring unbearable pain.

- Isabella

Traditional doctors told me they couldn’t help me anymore. I was on multiple medications. After four months of treatment with Dr. Tedder, I was 100% pain free and off the medications completely.

- Maria